About us:

Maskinsikkerhed ApS / Safety Of Machinery is a consulting engineering company based in Denmark.


We strive to be the leading supplier of consultancy for machine manufacturers and production companies within the area of safety of machinery, CE- marking and ATEX.

Our consultancy is always based on the latest knowledge within our field


The founder of the company, Hans Morten Henriksen, holds a master degree in mechanical engineering. Hans Morten Henriksen has been employed by the Danish Working Environment Authority (1993-1996) where his main focus was consultancy regarding the Directive of Machinery.

After leaving the Danish Working Environment Authority, Hans Morten Henriksen continued getting requests for consultancy and consequently he founded Maskinsikkerhed ApS the same year.

Who are we today?

The company has grown and today it counts a staff of approximately 30 people and has a strong network of partners and professional contacts.

Today, Safety Of Machinery has offices in Værløse, Randers, Kolding and Odense and is owned and managed by Hans Morten Henriksen.

One of the main focus areas of the company is to acquire new knowledge.

Safety of Machinery is involved in the overall standardization work and participate in ISO work groups such as “Safety of robots” and “Safe control systems” (e.g. ISO 13849-1, ISO 13849-2, ISO 13850, ISO 13851). In addition to that, Safety of Machinery holds the chairmanship in both Danish and European work groups and participates actively in the preparation of new standards.

With the purpose always of being fully informed about the newest legislation and regulations, Safety of Machinery also participates follows the development of the relevant standards which Safety of Machinery is not involved in the making of.


Safety of Machinery has a close working relation with both authorities, institutes and professional networks in Denmark and abroad.


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